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ImageAs a person ages, their appetite and physical capacity to eat can diminish. To prevent malnutrition among senior citizens and make eating a pleasure for them, an EU-funded project has developed tasty fruit- and vegetable-based foods adapted to their health needs.
ImageMedical practitioners are increasingly adopting a 'personalised medicine' (PM) approach involving individually tailored patient care. An EU-funded project is fostering collaboration on PM research and training, with special emphasis on the prevention of chronic diseases.
ImageOpen science and new technology, which make research findings freely available to everyone, have revolutionised academic research. An EU-funded project has proposed solutions and recommendations to ensure scientific discoveries are communicated as widely as possibly for the benefit of other researchers, industry and society as a whole.
ImageYoung researchers are gaining top-level training and exposure to the latest in image-based heart monitoring, assessment and disease diagnosis, thanks to an EU-funded collaboration between industry, clinics and researchers that could lead to better outcomes for cardiovascular patients.
ImageWith a focus on strengthening maternal healthcare service to rural Indonesia, researchers with the Eijkman Institute, in partnership with the EU-funded REACHOUT project, have developed new training manuals geared specifically towards volunteer community health workers.
ImageResearchers are gaining unprecedented access to mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies and the diseases they carry, thanks to a groundbreaking EU-funded initiative that pools resources, technology and expertise to counter the world's most devastating insect-borne pathogens.
ImageAn EU-funded project is developing infrastructure to support innovation and accelerate the development of new vaccines. This will enhance European competitiveness in this field and bring major societal benefits.
ImageAn EU-funded project has developed a technique to design and synthesise highly stable proteins. The approach enables proteins to be made from scratch, tailored to carry out specific tasks for advances in fields such as biomedicine and biotech - boosting Europe's competitiveness.
ImageDetectors at the accelerators of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) help answer big questions about the Universe and support advances in fields such as medical technology. An EU-funded project is fostering collaboration on detector development to boost such scientific progress.


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