Help Seekers

Information for Help-seekers and Relatives

PRONIA – Personalised Prognostic Tools for Early Psychosis Management – is a research project funded by the European Union aiming to considerably improve the early detection of psychotic diseases. The project goal is to implement reliable and accessible prognostic tools facilitating the prediction and prevention of psychoses. This objective will be reached by generating a prognostic system based on use routine brain imaging and complementary data. The long-term aim is also to commercially exploit these prognostic services through internet-based telemedicine applications. This will provide psychosis risk profiling tools to diverse target groups in the healthcare markets, including care-givers, the pharmaceutical industry and research institutions.

These pages provide you with some undefinedgeneral information about psychotic disorders as well as with contact data for each participating country. For English speaking help-seekers and relatives the contact points are the undefinedUniversity of Birmingham and the undefinedUniversity of Melbourne.

In case you would like to get more information about the international PRONIA team and the scientific objectives and structure of PRONIA, please visit the pages undefinedThe Team and undefinedWork Plan.