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How can I invest in PRONIA?


PRONIA is funded by the European Union 7th Framework Programme. Interested investors can support PRONIA in the patent application and also in the further development of the PRONIA prognostic tools.

For further information, please contact


Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Koutsouleris

Coordinator of PRONIA
Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Nussbaumstr. 7
80336 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 4400 55885
Fax: +49 89 4400 54749


Prof. Dr. Eva Meisenzahl

Workpackage Lead

undefinedWP 11 "Commercial Exploitation of PRONIA Prognostic Service"

Head of Outpatient Department
Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Nussbaumstr. 7
80336 Munich, Germany

Who will benefit from my investment?


The treatment of affective and non-affective psychoses has made significant progress in the last century. Despite this progress, psychotic illnesses still cause 6.3% of the global burden of disease and annually account for €207 billion direct and indirect costs in Europe alone.

The reason for the immense personal and societal suffering lies in the chronicity of these disorders, which often causes life-long suffering and vocational exclusion. A key factor to prevent these poor disease outcomes is to commence treatment in the earliest possible stages of these conditions. Early intervention in the recent-onset stage of psychoses has demonstrated its positive impact on symptoms, relapses, employment and costs.

By supporting PRONIA as an investor, you can directly contribute to a large-scale clinical breakthrough. The PRONIA early intervention services will help to reduce the disease burden of psychotic disorders at the level of personal suffering of patients and relatives and also with regard to the socioeconomic costs caused by these illnesses.

How will I benefit from my investment?


Reliable and early diagnoses of psychoses are of utmost importance for overall successful treatments. However, in the Western world and new booming countries, such as China, psychoses are still not diagnosed early enough so that there are very considerable needs for improvement. Existing markets capitalizing on psychoses have a present value of at least €500 billion per year. With products and services in development at PRONIA, suffering and treatment costs can be substantially reduced while the success rates of treatments can be significantly improved at the same time.


In short, the existing markets are ripe for PRONIA’s developments. Thus, PRONIA is in a position to gain a considerable share of the present and future market values. This ensures that an investment in PRONIA is a financially attractive move with foreseeable and minor risks.

When will PRONIA prognostic services become available?


As a telemedicine application, PRONIA should be commercially available for medical practitioners and hospitals within the next five years.


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