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We welcome you to the Machine Learning School by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Neuroimaging Network, Section for Precision Psychiatry, and the Max Planck Fellow Group for Precision Psychiatry. The school will be held between the 19 th – 23rd of September 2022 with the aim to introduce you to psychiatric machine learning with a specific focus on diagnostic and prognostic neuroimaging.


Notice! Dear applicants, the registration process to our school is officially closed. Thanks to all the applicants that registered, we will send you further information on how to access the course over the next days. Looking forward to see you soon!


The school is tailored to online learning by providing different learning formats, including (see undefinedProgram)

  1. Seminars covering essential concepts;
  2. Hands-on tutorials using our custom software NeuroMiner that does not require coding experience;
  3. Application of learnt material in a machine learning competition with continuous assistance from tutors; and
  4. Daily lectures from international experts in the field.  


While the primary aims of the course will address machine learning concepts and methods that apply to all data types, we will specifically address methods and challenges that apply to neuroimaging data throughout the course, e.g., by addressing inter-scanner variability and harmonization on the third day.


Attendance at the 1-hour seminar at the beginning of the day (9.30am CEST) and the expert guest lecture at the end of the day (4.00pm CEST) is free.

There will be a full course, including tutorial materials, guided tutorials, the machine learning competition, and continuous access to experienced tutors. Please note that we are running it from Europe so all times are in Central European Summer Time (GMT+2). 


The full course will be limited to 110 participants in order to have a maximum of 10 participants per tutor to enhance learning outcomes.


Dates: 19th to 23rd of September  2022 (European daytime)

Meeting Venue: Online

Contact: psy-nmss@med.uni-muenchen.de























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