Workpackage 1: Data Acquisition, Clinical Endpoints & Predictors

Workpackage leader

Stephan Ruhrmann

Stephan Ruhrmann University of Cologne

Objectives of the Workpackage

Workpackage 1 (WP 1) has four major objectives: (1) Implementation of screening and assessment procedures at the beginning and at the follow-ups of the project; (2) Quality assurance regarding recruitment and assessments; (3) Definition of measures of clinical outcome, particularly transition to psychosis as well as social and role functioning (4) Development of valid clinical predictors of these outcomes.

Description of the tasks

WP 1 has been responsible for the final battery of clinical assessments and the implementation of the assessment procedures. This includes the development of optimal sequences for clinical evaluation as well as the training of the respective scales. The whole battery will be applied at the beginning (baseline) of the study as well as after 9 and 18 months; additional evaluations of symptoms and functioning will be performed in-between at 3-month intervals. This will enable PRONIA to closely monitor the mental state of the participants and collect information required to improve the understanding of the relationship between baseline measures and later outcome. Quality of assessments and recruitment decisions will be assured by periodical trainings and case conferences. The development of classifiers for different outcomes like transition or non-transition to psychosis, episodic or chronic course, improved or deteriorated social and role functioning will be based on a broad battery of clinical assessments, ranging from biographical aspects during early development to current psychopathology. These classifiers will be further informed by the neurobiological and neurocognitive results of undefinedWP 3, undefinedWP 4 and undefinedWP 5. The analytical methods provided by undefinedWP 2 will be used to develop and validate prediction models for the described outcomes. The final models will be further processed by undefinedWP 6 for multi-modal fusion optimisation.


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