Workpackage 10: PRONIA Prototype Validation

Workpackage leader

Christos Pantelis

University of Melbourne



Objectives of the Workpackage

Our objective is to validate and enhance the prognostic tools that will be developed in the European Union to help manage early psychosis. 

Description of the tasks

This work package contains four aims that address different elements of our objective. Firstly, we aim to recruit a sample of participants that are experiencing the same mental health difficulties as those who are assessed in the European Union. These participants will include people who are possibly at a higher risk of developing psychosis, those who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis, people who are experiencing depression, and those without any mental or physical health concerns. We will then characterise each person in these groups and how they change over a period of 18 months by assessing their demographics, personality, thinking skills, clinical symptoms, genetic profile, and the structure and functioning of their brain using neuroimaging. This information will then be entered into the cybernetic prognostic tool developed by our colleagues in the European Union to determine if the system can make accurate predictions about individuals from other countries around the world. Once these critical aims are fulfilled, we will also enhance PRONIA by developing ways that the cybernetic system can autonomously learn from new cases once it is deployed in order to make the best predictions possible. Together, the fulfilment of our aims will enhance the accuracy of PRONIA predictions both now and into the future.


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