Workpackage 2: Surrogate Marker Platform Development & Validation

Workpackage leader
Nikolaos Koutsouleris

Nikolaos Koutsouleris

 LMU - University of Munich

Objectives of the Workpackage

Workpackage 2 (WP 2) has two main objectives; the first one is the implementation and maintenance of the project database. The second objective is to develop, implement and validate the analytical methods that will constitute the data analysis core of PRONIA.

Description of the tasks

WP2 is the responsible for the development of the project’s bioinformatics platform and thus will deliver the methodological grounds, on which PRONIA’s prognostic products will be built upon. As a prerequisite for achieving this objective, the WP2 team will implement and maintain a multi-modal database capable of storing – in a comprehensive and secure way – the massive amount of heterogeneous information (clinical, neurocognitive and MRI data) that will be generated during the course of the project. Together with our project partner undefinedDynamic Evolution, we will implement the PRONIA portal, a telemedicine-based tool that will facilitate the organization and controlling of the project’s clinical workflows. At later stages, this tool will evolve into a multivariate data analysis platform incorporating machine learning methods that will be used by the PRONIA partners to develop and validate prognostic tools for an individualized prediction of psychosis. Thus, taking our present machine learning platform NeuroMiner® as a starting point, the WP2 team will develop a next-generation cybernetic diagnostic framework for multi-modal predictive analytics (NeuroMiner2®). This framework will be used to create and validate the project’s candidate biomarkers in each data domain (clinical, neurocognitive, MRI, geno-metabolic data). Furthermore, we will closely work with our project partners at the Universities of undefinedBirmingham, undefinedUdine and undefinedTurku to implement cybernetic diagnostic workflows that allow the personalization of diagnostic processes in the early recognition and prevention of psychosis.


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