Workpackage 9: Telemedicine Applications

Workpackage leader

Michael Jovicevic

Dynamic Evolution

Objectives of the Workpackage

The objectives of Workpackage 9 (WP 9) are to develop web-based interfaces for standardised telepsychiatric and telecognitive assessments and a flexible Multi-Agent-System  (MAS) to personalise diagnostic streams to the need of help-seekers. Additionally the participants of WP 9 will construct and validate the PRONIA prognostic system.

Description of the tasks

WP 9 will integrate results generated by undefinedWP 1, undefinedWP 2, undefinedWP 3, undefinedWP 4, undefinedWP 5, undefinedWP 6, undefinedWP 7 and undefinedWP 8 into telemedicine services that can be deployed at the national and international levels. Our telemedicine application will be built on a modular system that distributes its functionality to a set of cooperating components orchestrated by a central process supervisor.

The undefinedUniversity of Munich and undefinedDynamic Evolution will implement and test multi-lingual telepsychiatric and telecognitive assessment interfaces and counselling interfaces for direct human-to-human medical information exchange. Another task is to implement the PRONIA Multi-Agent-System (MAS) which will consist of interactive and collaborative software components, that query client and environmental information, prepare modality-specific data, provide predictions for given help-seekers and report results to clients.

Beside this MAS, PRONIA’s telemedicine applications will require data host technologies that implement a central web application collecting, analysing and visualising collected data, a security management, structures for prognostics.

Finally, cross-validation of PRONIA’s prognostic system is essential after the implementation: our prognostic system will be validated by creating simulated test cases.


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